night1 [ naıt ] noun ***
1. ) count or uncount the part of each 24-hour period when it is dark:
It was a lovely starlit night.
all night long: It rained all night long.
at night: 11 o'clock at night
by night: Owls hunt by night.
a ) the time when most people are sleeping:
I woke up in the middle of the night.
spend the night: He spent the night in jail.
b ) nights if someone works nights, or is on nights, they go to work at night:
Phil is working nights this week.
─ opposite DAY
2. ) uncount the time between the end of the afternoon and the time when people go to bed: EVENING:
Most nights Jan helps the kids with their homework.
last/yesterday night: Did you watch the game last night?
the other night (=a few nights ago): I came by to see her the other night.
last thing at night: I usually drink tea last thing at night (=just before I go to bed).
a ) count an evening when a particular event takes place:
midsummer night
The next game night is on Thursday.
We're looking forward to a night at the movies.
b ) count a particular evening on which a play or concert is performed:
the opening night of Julius Caesar
the last night of the proms
3. ) SPOKEN used for saying goodbye or good night when you leave someone at night:
Night, then! See you tomorrow!
4. ) singular LITERARY a period of great sadness, failure, etc.:
the dark night of the soul
at this time of night SPOKEN
used for showing your surprise that something is happening very late:
What are you doing here at this time of night?
a night during which you do not get much rest:
Sorry I'm a little irritable, I had a bad night.
call it a night
to stop doing a particular job or activity in the evening because you are tired or have been doing it for a long time:
It's getting late, I'm going to call it a night.
the dead of night MAINLY LITERARY
the middle of the night when everyone is sleeping
early/late night
an occasion when you go to bed earlier/later than usual:
We'll both feel better after an early night.
These late nights are killing me!
make a night of it INFORMAL
to stay out late into the night having fun
night after night
every night for a long period of time
night and day or day and night
all the time:
My sister needs constant attention, night and day.
night falls LITERARY
when night falls, it becomes dark
night night SPOKEN
used for saying GOODNIGHT, especially to a child before they go to bed
night 2 [ naıt ] adjective only before noun
happening or existing at night:
the cool night air
a. used at night:
a child's night light
b. traveling at night:
the night train
c. working at night:
the night nurse
d. active during the night:
night creatures

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.


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